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Community Disaster Service Centers/Hotlines

Centers and/or telephone information services operated by local authorities and/or community-based organizations which provide opportunities for people who have sustained damage in a major disaster or large-scale emergency to obtain information about the services they need to stabilize their current situation and begin to recover.

Community Storm Shelters

Programs that provide temporary shelter in facilities that are designed or retrofitted to withstand tornado or hurricane force winds and sited away from potential debris hazards for people whose own homes or workplaces may be unsafe in extreme weather events.

County Offices of Emergency Services

County government offices that have primary responsibility for the coordination of emergency management activities including planning, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation; and which serve as the central point of contact for receiving reports of incidents that occur within their jurisdiction and for disseminating emergency-related information.

Disaster Relief/Recovery Organizations

Organizations that have a formal role in coordinating the provision of disaster relief and/or recovery services following a major disaster or large-scale emergency that disrupts the normal functioning of a community. Include local VOADs (known in some places as COADs), and "interfaiths" coalitions which gather financial and other resources from the faith community and distribute them to people in need, generally after American Red Cross and other immediate relief organizations have completed their work.

Disaster Related Volunteer Preparedness/Mobilization Programs

Programs, primarily national in scope, that work to recruit, prepare, mobilize and/or coordinate the activities of local citizens who are willing to volunteer and help their communities in local emergencies or times of widespread disaster.

Fire Stations

Locations throughout the community which house fire equipment and personnel.

Law Enforcement Agencies

City, county, state or federal government agencies that are responsible for preserving peace, protecting life and property, preventing and detecting crime and apprehending and arresting suspects.